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Death as a natural part of life

We are a venture capital firm and incubator of death-related companies.
Death is humanity's greatest fear and taboo, leading to a lack of innovation and debate around it. 

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In 2020 the pandemic started and the fear of death was everywhere. Millions of people lost their loved ones and neither the funeral industry, nor the world, was prepared for what happened.  


Several members of our team lost their loved ones, having an experience that lacked empathy from funeral homes.


That's why we decided to come together and support the transformation of the industry. 

Where do we invest in?

Entrepreneurial ventures that blend technology and new business practices with empathy. We support the creation of a human and efficient entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Longevity 

  • Memory Innovation (cemeteries, urns, niches, etc.)

  • Services and Products to Support Funeral Industries. 

  • Funeral Agencies

  • Mental Health and Bereavement Support

  • Metaverse

  • Online Platforms 

How do we invest?

We invest in companies at all stages of the industry (funeral, bereavement and death related).

We take minority stakes in companies where we can add value, with strong management teams looking to innovate and scale.
In special cases we have the ability to incubate early stage startups in one of our offices and give them support from our team of experts and network or simply make financial investments.

Our Team

Our team is composed of a group of people with different backgrounds in areas such as innovation, strategy, digital transformation, digital marketing finance and business scaling. 
We have people who have worked in some of the world's leading companies such as:

In which companies have we invested?

Catrina, the leading platform in Latin America, supports mourners and their families before, during and after the death with all bureaucratic, legal and emotional services including and future plans.


Get in touch with us?

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David Bernardo Santo 
Founding Partner of After Life Ventures

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